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DevonChildren and Families Procedures Manual

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All Children
Children's Services Values and Principles
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Children's Social Care - Assessment and Planning
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Childs Plan - How it Works
Case Transfer Policy 2018
Child in Need
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Child in Need Framework
DAF Guidance v7
Financial Policy for Children in Specific Circumstances
Transport Policy
Practice Standards March 2018
QA Monitoring Form for CiC Reviews
REACH Return Home Interview Process
Statutory Guidance Children Missing from Care
Step Guide to Missing or Absent Persons
Legal Proceedings
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Devon pre-Proceedings Protocol
Flowchart for Court Filing
Flowchart for Issuing of Court Proceedings
Practice Direction 12J - DVA and Contact
Practice Direction 27A - Family Proceedings Court Bundles
Practice Direction DVA and Contact
Public Law Outline 26 weeks - flowchart
Statuatory Guidance on Court Orders and Pre-proceedings
SWET Evidence Template
SWET Guidance - Devon Family Courts
SWET Statement Template
The Public Law Outline Guide for SW and Managers
Complaints and Whistleblowing
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Compliments, Comments and Complaints - Feedback Leaflet
Talk to Us - Young Persons Feedback Leaflet
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Child Protection
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Agenda - Secure Accommodation Criteria Meeting - Jan 2017
Application for Care Supervision EPO Order
Checklist for invites to Child Protection Meetings
Child Protection Pathway Agency Checklist
Child Protection Pathway Strategy Meeting Guidance
Child Protection Review Conferences
CSE Threshold Application
Complex and Organised Abuse Practice Guidance 09/01/2018
Conference Process - flowchart - FINAL
ISRO Guidance - FINAL
Financial Policy for Children in Specific Circumstances
IRU Resolution and Escalation Protocol 09/01/2018
Police Attendance at a Conference - ISRO Guidance
Professional Guidance
Quick Child Protection Conference Guides
REACH Team Protocol for CSE Referral
Risk Assessment Tool - Final August 2017
Secure Accommodation Procedure - Final Jan 2017
Serious Incident Notification and DCC 'Need to Know' Briefing Guidance Jan 2017
Social Work Report Guidance
Some Concerns About Harm
Working with Children at Risk from Sexual Exploitation
Case Management and Recording
Recording Policy Guidelines
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Locked Down Records Protocol
Recording of Warnings for Children’s Social Care
Case Records and Retention
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Access to Records
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Confidentiality Policy
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Electronic Recording of Meetings and Conversations
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Service Users recording meetings - Guidance for Adult Service Users
Service Users recording meetings - Guidance for Professionals
Service Users recording meetings - Guidance for Young People
Children in Particular Circumstances
Children with Disabilities
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Financial Policy for Children in Specific Circumstances
Children from Abroad
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Top Tips on Supporting families with no recourse to public funds
UASC process for social workers Feb 2018
UASC process for initial response social workers
UASC Resource Directory for Carers
UASC Resource Directory for Social Workers
Tips for foster carers supporing unaccompanied assylum seekers Jan 2018
UASC Health Pathway May 2018
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Preventing Homelessness Joint Protocol HRA final version 4.0 Feb 2018
Family and Friends Care
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Family and Friends Foster Carer
Young Carers
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Transition Protocol Young Carers to Adult Services V5
Relinquished Children
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Looked After Children
Decision to Look After and Care Planning
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DCC Permanency Strategy
Financial Policy for Children in Specific Circumstances
Practice Guidance for the use of S20 Provision in the Chidren Act 1989 in England
Statuatory guidance for children who run away or go missing from home or care
Secure Accommodation Procedure 170103
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Application for Care Supervision EPO Order
Child Arrangements Programme 12B
Child Arrangements Programme Flowchart
Child Arrangements Programme
Child in Care Process
Placement Consents
Placement Stability Meeting Guidance
Placement Stability Meeting Process Flowchart
Placement Stability Meeting Actions
Monitoring and Reviews
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Child open to social care return home interview process
Chronology Template
Independent Reviewing Unit Dispute Resolution Policy
Listen to Me & My Family
Multi Agency Chronology Form
My Review Procedure
Contact and Overnight Stays
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Education, School Trips and Holidays
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Exclusions Protocol CiC
Missing and Absent Persons Process Flow
Health and Wellbeing
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Blood Borne Infection Testing
Business Support Process for Health Care Assessments
BBV V7.5 VC Template Final
Graded Care Profile
Pocket Guide to Blood Borne Viruses
Referral guidelines for social workers requesting CP medical assessment by Paediatrician - BBM approved
Top Tips for social work practice in cases of female mutilation
Change of Name and Marriage
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Leaving Care and Transition
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Transition to Adulthood Strategy
Young Care Leavers Protocol
Youth Offending
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Fostering and Adoption
Fostering Services
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FAQ on Foster to Adopt
Financial Policy for Children in Specific Circumstances
Foster Carer Rates and Allowances
Foster to Adopt Guidance
Foster to Adopt Placement Form
Permanent Foster Care Flowchart
Persons Disqualified from Fostering
Private Fostering Process
Reg25A assessment for Temp Foster Care Approval as approved adopter
Top Tips for making a successful foster placement
Fostering for Adoption Leaflet (carers) 2013
Foster Carer Rates and Allowances
Safer care for fostering to adopt
Fostering Handbook
Adoption and Permanence Services
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Adoption Transition Pack
Advice to Social Workers in relation to Permanence following Re BS2013
BAAF Form CPR (2014) Checklist Guidance and Tools
BAAF Form CPR (2014) Section A of the Annex B report
Child Arrangements Order 2014
Child Arrangements Programme Flowchart
Child Arrangements Programme
Children and Families Act 2014
Coram BAAF Form C (Connected Person) 2015 Notes
Financial Policy for Children in Specific Circumstances
Guidance for the preparation of social work evidence in adoption cases
Guidance Transition to Adopters
Guide to Requirements of Annex B Report met by BAAF Annex B Report
Key points in writing a CPR and APR
Regular Payments to Prospective Adopters
Special Guardianship
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Financial Policy for Children in Specific Circumstances
Contacts, List of Agency Decision Makers and Appendices
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DCC Delegated Authority Standard Agreement
FSS Contact Details
FGC Contact Information
SC Governance Board
SCIE MCA Directory Link