Level 1 – Children with No Additional Needs; Universal Services

Caption: level 1 no additional needs
These are children with no additional needs. All health and developmental needs can be met by universal services. Most children will achieve their full potential through the provision of universal services alone.
Example Indicators Action and the Assessment Process

Services which might be involved with children and families at this level of need

Developmental Needs

Learning / Education
Achieving Key Stages.

Good attendance.

Planned progression beyond statutory school age.

No barriers to learning.

Good physical health with age appropriate developmental milestones; including speech and language.

Social, Emotional, Behavioural, Identity
Good mental health, psychological well being.

Good quality early attachments, confident in social situations.

Family and Social Relationships
Stable families where parents are able to meet the children's needs.

Self Care and Independence
Age appropriate independent living skills.

Family and Environmental Factors

Family and Social Relationships and Family Well-Being
Supportive Family Relationships.

Housing, Employment and Finance
Child fully supported financially.

Good quality stable housing.

Social and Community Resources
Good social and friendship networks exist.

Access to positive activities.

Parents and Carers

Basic Care, Safety and Protection
Parents able to provide for child's needs.

Emotional Warmth and Stability
Parents provide secure and caring parenting meeting the child's needs.

Guidance, Boundaries and Stimulation
Parents provide appropriate guidance and boundaries to help child develop appropriate boundaries.

No multi-agency assessment is required.

Children will access services in the usual way.


Children's Centres and Early Years Settings;

Health Visiting;

School Nursing;



Youth Services;



Voluntary and community sector.